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Try how tempting and pleasant it is to control not only lighting using a touchscreen. Our panels are fully graphical, with high resolution, easy to maintain, and available in various sizes and designs tailored to your project.

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How can Touch Panels be utilised?

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Buildings and energy management
Simple temperature setting
Intuitive Lighting control
Control of blinds and Shades
Control of audiovisual equipment
Monitoring of HVAC technologies Monitoring of photovoltaic power plants

Industry and Manufacturing
Controlling individual production machines
Controlling and monitoring production lines
Displaying productivity statistics
Monitoring rate of production errors
Tracking inventory levels
Managing logistics and distribution

Digital signage and advertising
Hotels and hotel rooms
Commercial and administrative centres
Conference and convention halls
Signage in halls and corridors
Targeted advertising
Interactive and informative kiosks

Independent software
Control panels for integration
Option to archive operational data
Supervision of control system
Display of external content
Testing and presentation of projects
Relaxation and entertainment

Control quickly and intelligently

Touch panels are beautiful, modern, and essential to intelligent solutions today. However, in addition to their design, they can also increase productivity and save costs.

With touch control panels, you can place any number of control buttons on one screen, add and remove buttons as needed, and even make multilingual versions of controls. Then, connect the panels to the control system and monitor it from anywhere.

Increase the comfort of your employees or customers, simplify navigation, streamline advertising campaigns, monitor production processes, speed up distribution, and much more. Touch panels are the ideal way to make your building even smarter.

Describe your project to us, and we will gladly help you find the optimal solution.

Classification of Touch panels

Panels for wall mounting
Panels for integration into electrical cabinet doors
Panels with an open frame for integration into machines
Panels with a stand for tabletop use

Panels for indoor use
Panels for outdoor use
Panels for dusty environments
Panels resistant to vibrations and EMC.

Industrial monitors
Panel computers with Linux OS
Panel computers with Android OS
Wall-mounted tablets with Android OS

Small panels - 5" and 7"
Medium panels - 10.1"
Large panels - 12.1" and 15.6"
Panels according to your wishes

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