Remote access

SAFECONTROL Remote is an innovative and secure solution for remote servicing and programming of control systems. It is excellent for situations where the speed of diagnosis and reaction time of the manufacturer or supplier of the control system is crucial. The proper operation does not require a public IP address, just an internet connection.

If a wired connection is unavailable, SAFECONTROL Remote also supports Wi-Fi or GSM network connections with the help of expansion modules.

High level of security

Time and costs savings

Compatible with systems using Ethernet

What is the remote access for?

Questions? No problem!

Our technical support is always here for you. Our sales team will consult with you on any requests for changes or adjustments to your project.

More efficient working
Control from one place
Fast response time
One technician can handle more work
More accessible modifications to the project

Time and cost savings
Reduced number of trips to the construction site
Reduced time required for modifications
Work from the comfort of home or office
Work on multiple projects at once

Wide range of connectivity options
No need for a public IP address
A stable internet connection is sufficient
Support for GSM network
Support for Wi-Fi network

Fast and secure connection
Connection via encrypted VPN tunnel
Connection to the target destination within 30 s
Efficient management on the License website
Saving login credentials

How does the remote access work?


SAFECONTROL Remote is your gateway for remote access to your project through the Internet. This gives you complete access to software modules, WEBserver functions, and all other systems connecting to Ethernet communication!


You don't need to set up a public IP address for you or your project. Almost any internet connection will suffice, whether on your project site, at home, in the office, or on the go. The Remote solution supports all connections, including GSM and Wi-Fi networks.


Download and install the Remote-Access application on the License website. After the first login, the application will remember your login information, so you don't have to enter it every time. It is easily accessible in the bottom toolbar of your computer, and you can connect to any project where a Remote solution is active through it. Click on the selected destination to start working within 30 s.


The service includes a service cloud where you can manage and monitor individual connections to remote projects. You only pay for active projects in the cloud. The license enabling the remote access service is provided as a subscription. The standard subscription is for 2 users for 24 months. For those with more demanding needs, expanding modules for 1 user or 12 months is offered.

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